Despite the implementation of cleaning and sanitation procedures consistent with good manufacturing practices, recurring foodborne outbreaks and product recalls associated with pathogens and spoilage microorganisms demand a better understanding of persistent mechanisms and alternative strategies - in addition to routine cleaning and sanitizing procedures - to minimize the potential for contamination of foods. Biofilms are microbial communities attached to surfaces which contain embedded cells that are more resistant to adverse environments than when those same cells are present in the planktonic state. Pathogenic or spoilage biofilm-forming microorganisms present on the surfaces of raw food materials and food processing equipment are potential sources of contamination, and the presence of biofilms in food environments may play an important role in food spoilage or disease transmission.Biofilms in the Food Environment is the comprehensive reference source on the topic for the general food science community, for industry scientists, university researchers, and regulatory agencies. Coverage in this IFT Press series book includes: general concepts related to biofilms; cutting-edge technologies for the study of biofilms; current research results on biofilm formation by pathogens on raw food materials and the relationship to foodborne outbreaks; current industrial approaches to remove and minimize the damage caused by biofilms; the role of environmental conditions in the food processing environment that may trigger biofilm formation on food contact surfaces; characterization of molecular elements and mechanisms involved in foodborne microorganism biofilm development; and biofilms that may be beneficial to health. Finally, a featured chapter of Biofilms in the Food Environment introduces recent approaches and results obtained from mixed culture biofilm studies, and points out hidden risks of these biofilms in the food environment.

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Biofilms in the Food Environment

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  • Author: Hans Blaschek (Editor), Hua Wang, Meredith Agle
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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  • Copyright: 2006
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