AUTHORSHIP IN COMPOSITION STUDIES examines contemporary composition instruction within the larger context of the historical, theoretical, and practical issues that have helped define today's classroom. Specifically, Carrick and Howard the historical, legal, and social constructions of the Author; the ways in which Western discourses of authorship serve to regulate and control unruly social bodies; the ways in which discourses of authorship enter into Composition classrooms, textbooks, and writing centers; the roles of technology and gender in regulating Authors and student writers; and the ways in which Western discourses of authorship affect not just ESL students in Composition courses but the very survival of colonized cultures. This title is one of THE WADSWORTH GUIDES TO COMPOSITION STUDIES?a new series designed to help upper-level undergraduate and beginning graduate students gain a historical, theoretical, and practical context for their studies in composition and the teaching of writing. Each guide in this series examines a particular aspect of the composition specialist's work; for example, teaching first-year composition, administration-related issues, and writing as it is taught across campus. Providing theoretical information within a practical context, each guide is designed to provide the historical knowledge and terminology that beginning students in the field need to understand.

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Authorship in Composition Studies

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  • Author: Tracy Hamler Carrick, Rebecca Moore Howard
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  • Edition: 1
  • Copyright: 2006
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