Help your students decipher the complexities of our Constitution and the criminal justice system with this best seller! J. Scott Harr and Kären M. Hess have taken the most complex of material and made it into the most student-oriented and manageable text for the course, helping students develop a complete understanding of the key issues related to our Constitution and the criminal justice system. With approximately 225 summarized cases fully integrated into the text, students are introduced to pertinent and influential cases in a format that is not intimidating-the authors use plain language versus legal language. Harr and Hess focus primarily on the Fourth Amendment (reasonable search and seizure) and Fifth Amendment (double jeopardy, testifying against oneself) to the U.S. Constitution, as these are the most relevant to criminal justice issues. The Third Edition continues to offer students a broader picture of the laws that influence our society, and, at the same time, helps students master these important concepts through a unique integrated learning system-the authors' trademark Four-Point Approach.

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Constitutional Law and the Criminal Justice System

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  • Author: J. Scott Harr, Karen M. Hess
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning
  • Edition: 3
  • Copyright: 2005
  • Table of Contents
  • ₱8,670.00