This book combines a comprehensive collection of electronic publishing precedents with a commentary section dealing concisely with the areas of law which have the greatest impact on electronic publishing copyright, moral rights, contract, libel, and competition law and a general guide to drafting. The precedents cover chronologically all stages in the development, production, publication, and exploitation, online and offline, of an electronic product. There are precedents to license use of textual, illustrative, musical, and audio-visual material for multimedia and other products, and to appoint editors; joint venture, project management and software development precedents; and precedents for the licensing and distribution of a completed title. The online precedents include one for the provision of facilities to establish a Website, as well as for the exploitation (including over the Internet) of electronic products both directly by way of site licences, and indirectly through intermediaries, such as data hosting service providers, or electronic subscription agents. The full text of all the precedents is provided on floppy disk in ready-to-use word-processing format. Each precedent has an introductory note explaining when it is appropriate to use the precedent, and highlighting relevant areas of law. Footnotes refer to relevant sections of the narrative text, and indicate likely changes to the law, when proposed EC Directives or UK Bills are implemented. To make the book accessible not just to those with previous experience but also to newcomers to electronic publishing, the precedents have prompts (which can be stripped out of the disk version), indicating where choices need to be made, or blanks completed. A guidance note explains how to use the disk e.g. to add or amend clauses. The book will be an essential tool for all who advise or draft agreements for the electronic publishing industry. It is a comprehensive collection of electronic publishing precedents, with a strong emphasis on online publishing, written by a lawyer with substantial in-house electronic publishing experience, and will provide all the necessary tools for the novice and seasoned industry adviser alike.

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Electronic Publishing Agreements

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  • Author: Ingrid Winternitz
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  • Copyright: 2000
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