Here are some sound ideas. Wonder what would happen if the Big Band sound crashed into heavy metal? Or what the offspring of a balladeer and a rapper might sound like? How about smooth jazz and acid rock? Stop wondering - this book will take you there. You'll explore hardware and software choices first and select what you need; then you'll sample a little music theory. After that, it's step by step to the big mashup. Do what sounds good. It shows how to mix and mash. Cool stuff you'll learn: how to use mashup construction software; basics of songwriting and music theory; insider tips on selecting your songs; how to get your tracks in key and in sync; ways to extract vocals from full songs; tricks for arranging your mashup for maximum impact; how to polish up your mashup with mastering and effects; and, rendering, distribution, and legal considerations.

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Audio Mashup Construction Kit

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  • Author: Jordan "DJ Earworm" Roseman
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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  • Copyright: 2006
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