Gender and Society was designed as a course for and about gender, particularly women and how women's liberation is a necessary condition for building a just and humane society. It is a multidisciplinary reflection meant to dialogue with students and other readers who may not necessarily be immersed in a framework or ideology regarding women and gender issues. It is also a call for the continued work toward a more just and equitable society, specifically for women. Thus, we present a primer for women's issues, an academic reflection on the roots of gender indequality, and a rallying forward for genuine women's liberation. This book tackles the problems of discrimination against women, what has been done about it, and what more should be pursued to liberate them for their own human fulfilment. With this, the question of the liberation of people and of society in general will also be reflected as societies continue to oppress their own members, violate everyone, and hamper the full development of the human person. The first part of the book is a guided reflection on the question of gender and the problem of discrimination against women. The second part focuses on the history of the gender problem and how women have responded to it. The third part presents a deeper inquiry into special issues that affect women and perspectives that should deepen our awareness of sexism and actions that address the heart of this problem. We, the authors of this book, are both academics and rights activists. We have worked individually for various non-governmental organizations and the academe researching on poverty, good governance, children's rights, human rights, LGBT rights, and women's right. We have fought or women's right as an integral part of democratization and poverty alleviation. This book is an extension of our work. The restructuring of the general education courses by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has provided an opportunity to bring into general education a basic course on women and the development of society. We hope that this book can help women and men think about the necessity and possibility of building a just society that is more gender-responsive. The Authors

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Gender and Society: The Whys of Women, Their Oppressions, and Paths to Liberation

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  • Author: Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez, Ara Marie Leal Rodriguez
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  • Copyright: 2019
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