This is a classic introduction to philosophy in the tradition of Bertrand Russell''s "The Problems of Philosophy" and A.J. Ayer''s "Central Questions of Philosophy". As in those books, here Margolis focuses on the core of Western Philosophy - questions of epistemology, ontology, language and logic. "An Introduction to Philosophical Problems" represents a major and authoritative mind revisiting basic problems and clarifying them both for their own sake and for that of the reader. Margolis shows how arguments concerning each of the chestnuts of Western philosophy are inter-related and argues - honestly and transparently - in favour of his own philosophical tradition, pragmatism. Thematically structured, "Introduction to Philosophical Problems" introduces such concepts as Knowledge and Belief, Perception and Sensation, Identity and Individualism, and Language and Truth.

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Introduction to Philosophical Problems

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  • Author: Joseph Margolis
  • Publisher: Continuum
  • Edition: 1
  • Copyright: 2006
  • Table of Contents
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