Many of us are trapped in a numbed state, having lost access to our fundamental human goodness. Educator and consultant Victoria Castle calls this omnipresent malaise the "Trance of Scarcity." Under the Trance, our thoughts and actions are restricted by a crippling lack of confidence and an unshakable belief that nothing is ever enough - a person can't be good enough, have time enough, earn money enough, fill-in-the-blanks enough to achieve one's goals. To successfully upgrade from scarcity and struggle to abundance and ease we must interrupt and dislodge old patterns that have been living far too comfortably within us, acting like they own us.This book will help readers break free from the Trance of Scarcity in three ways: by defying the cultural "common sense" that scarcity is an unchangeable truth and revealing it for what it is - a mere story. Rather than offer strategies for better living in a world of scarcity, the book exposes "reality of scarcity" as a hoax, thus eliminating its power over us; By leveraging the two elements that create our personal realities - our stories and how we embody them - and then using those elements to create the reality we want. and, by using the powerful, well-tested practices of the Cycle of Abundance that result in greater ease, freedom and satisfaction. Through these practices (that are as relevant to organizations as they are to individuals) readers will learn literally to embody the state of abundance, of living in the world with greater effectiveness and ease. If you have had enough struggling, if you are ready for greater autonomy and aliveness, "The Trance of Scarcity" can help.

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The Trance of Scarcity: Stop Holding Your Breath and Start Living Your Life

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  • Author: Victoria Castle
  • Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • Edition: 1
  • Copyright: 2007
  • Table of Contents
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