"Virology: Principles and Applications" is a clear and accessible introduction to this fast moving field, providing a comprehensive resource enabling the reader to understand the key concepts surrounding this exciting subject. The reader is introduced to the principles of virus structure, replication and genetics, along with the theories behind the origins of viruses and how they are evolving. Taking a modern approach to the subject, the relevance of virology to everyday life is clearly emphasised and discussions of emerging viruses, cancer, vaccines, anti viral drugs and gene vectors are included. To enhance student understanding, learning outcomes, sources of further information and ''at a glance'' sections are integrated into in each chapter, reinforcing key concepts.Illustrated in full colour throughout, extensive use is made of clear diagrams that include standard colour coding for different types of molecule, enabling students to grasp difficult concepts and deal with the level of detail in the subject. An invaluable text for students of biology, microbiology, molecular biology and biomedical sciences taking courses in virology. The book is also a useful resource for MSc level students looking for an accessible introduction to the subject. It contains a student friendly introduction to the fast moving subject of virology. It looks at topical viruses such as HIV and influenza virus. It provides a comprehensive Virologists'' Vocabulary. The companion web site provides self assessment questions and answers, additional reference sources and links to various virology web sites.

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Virology: Principles and Applications (Illustrated Edition)

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  • Author: John Carter, Venetia Saunders
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
  • Edition: 1
  • Copyright: 2007
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