Escherichia coli bacteria cause a wide range of illnesses, with most affecting the gastrointestinal tract and causing severe diarrhea. Often transmitted by contaminated food and water, E. coli infections are common in less developed parts of the world, though some types occur frequently in the United States. Recent outbreaks in America have involved contaminated ground beef and packaged spinach. Escherichia coli Infections, Second Edition examines the various E. coli illnesses, symptoms, transmission, treatments, and prevention. Deadly diseases affect everyone. Although not all cases are fatal, each disease causes a degree of harm and discomfort to those whom it afflicts and sometimes can have long-lasting consequences. Each book in the series Deadly Diseases and Epidemics takes the reader through all aspects of a disease-from its history and causes or method of infection to its treatment and prevention. The books provide a foundation for understanding the basics of microbiology, immunology, and epidemiology.

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Deadly Diseases and Epidemics: Echerichia coli Infections

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  • Author: Shannon D. Manning
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