Write Dance is a lively, innovative, and above all, fun approach to developing prewriting and writing skills using movement. More Write Dance uses music, instructions and illustrations to help teachers guide children on how to refine and develop their drawings to achieve fluent letter strings. This new edition includes: - greater guidance on foundation movements, letter groups and joins - more teaching materials to help children learn to write - a fully revised introduction that outlines the theory behind the programme - more guidance for practitioners on using Write Dance in their setting. Described by the author as 'an adventure with letters!' the book and audio CD will help children of all abilities to develop their writing, creativity and motor skills. Ragnhild Oussoren is the creator of Write Dance and gives workshops in different countries. The Write Dance method has been so successful that it is practiced in six languages all around the world.

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More Write Dance: Extending Development of Write Dance for Children age 5-9

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  • Author: Ragnhild Oussoren
  • Publisher: SAGE Publications
  • Edition: 2
  • Copyright: 2011
  • Table of Contents
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