Poverty remains a persistent problem in the Philippines despite episodes of economic growth. More recently, the country has been experiencing a higher level of economic expansion not seen in recent years, with annual gross domestic product growing at more than 6%. Unfortunately, poverty incidence, the proportion of the poor over the total population, has remained at the 20% level over the last few years. Official government statistics cannot deny this. In this book, a diverse group composed of two economists, a medical doctor, a development manager, a psychologist, and a social anthropologist brings out the multi-dimensional character of poverty. They provide clarity to principles and ways for more effective coordination and multi-stakeholder action. This book was written especially for NGOs and faith-based development workers, government personnel in anti-poverty work, private sector corporate social responsibility advocates, and the general public interested in understanding poverty and well-being issues and, possibly, how they themselves can sharpen their approaches to addressing and overcoming poverty.

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Overcoming Poverty: Multi-Disciplinary Perspective

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  • Author: Fernando Aldaba, Fortunato Cristobal, Mario Lopez, Ronald Mendoza, Carmela Ortigas, Mary Racelis
  • Publisher: C & E Publishing, Inc.
  • Edition: 1
  • Copyright: 2016
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