Title: Clinical Anatomy by Systems Co: 2007 Ed: 1
ISBN: 9780781791649 Author: Richard S. Snell Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Contents 126475
Chapter 1: Introduction to Clinical Anatomy:
Chapter 2: The Upper and Lower Airway and Associated Structures
Chapter 3: The Chest wall, Chest Cavity, Lungs, and Pleural Cavities
Chapter 4: Th Heart, Coronary Vessels, and Pericrdium
Chapter 5: The Blood Vessels of the Thorax
Chapter 6: The Blood Vessels of the Head and Neck
Chapter 7: The Blood Vessels of the Upper Extremity
Chapter 8: The Blood Vessels of the Abdomen, Pelvis, and Perineum
Chapter 9: The Blood Vessels of the Lower Extremity
Chapter 10: The Lymph Vessels and Lymph Tissue
Chapter 11: Bones and Cartilage
Chapter 12: Joints
Chapter 13: Skeletal Muscles
Chapter 14: The Skull,the Brain, the Meninges, and the Blood Supply of the Brain Relative to Trauma and Intracranial
Chapter 15: The Cranial Nerves and Trigemanal Nerve Blocks
Chapter 16: The Vertebral Column, the Spinal Cord, and the Meninges
Chapter 17: The Spinal Nerves and Spinal Nerve Blocks
Chapter 18: The Eye and the Ear
Chapter 19: The Abdominal Wall, the Peritoneal Cavity, the Retroperitoneal Space, and the Alimentary Tract
Chapter 20: The Viscera Associated with the Alimentary Tract: The Liver, the Pancreas, and the Spleen
Chapter 21: The Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder, and Urethra
Chapter 22: The Male Genetal Organs, the Penis, and the Scrotum
Chapter 23: The Perineum, the Female Genital Organs, and Childbirth
Chapter 24: The Endocrine Glands
Appendix: Notes on Selected Areas of regional Anatomy of Clinical Importance