Title: Manter and Gatz's Essentials of Clinical Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology Co: 2003 Ed: 10
ISBN: 9789746521314 Author: Sid Gilman, Sarah Winans Newman Publisher: F. A. Davis
Contents 138099
Section 1: Basic Principles
1. Introduction to the Nervous System
2. Physiology of Nerve Cells
Section 2: Peripheral Nervous System
3. Fibers of the Spinal Nerves
4. Spinal Reflexes and Muscle Tone
5. Autonomic Nervous System
Section 3: Ascending and Descending Pathways
6. Pain and Temperature
7. Proprioception, Touch, and Tactile Discrimination
8. Motor Pathways
9. Lesions of the Peripheral Nerves, Spinal Nerve Roots, and Spinal Cord
Section 4: Brain Stem and Cerebellum
10. Organization of the Brain Stem and Cranial Nerves
11. Cranial Nerves of the Medulla
12. Cranial Nerves of the Pons and Midbrain
13. Lesions of the Brain Stem
14. Hearing
15. Vestibular System
16. Cerebellum
Section 5: Forebrain
17. Basal Ganglia
18. Vision
19. Optic Reflexes and Eye Movements
20. Cerebral Cortex and Thalamocortical Connections
21. Limbic System
22. Olfaction
23. Chemical Neuroanatomy
Section 6: Circulation of Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid
24. Cerebral Arteries Supplying the Forebrain
25. Cerebrospinal Fluid
Section 7: Approaches to Patients with Neurologic Symptoms
26. Clinical Evaluation of Neurologic Disorders
27. Neurologic Diagnostic Tests
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