Title: Clemente's Anatomy Dissector Co: 2011 Ed: 3
ISBN: 9781608313846 Author: Carmine D. Clemente Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Contents 166101
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Dissection 1 Introductory Session and Surface Anatomy of the Thorax, Shoulder, and Upper Limb
I General Comments and Care of the Cadaver
II Dissection Instruments
III The Anatomic Position
IV Anatomic Planes
V Surface Anatomy of the Anterior Thorax, Shoulder, Axilla, and Upper Limb
Dissection 2 Mammary Gland and Pectoral Region
I Observe Other Cadavers
II Reflection of Skin
III Mammary Gland
IV Reflection of the Superficial Fascia
V Pectoral Muscles and Other Structures
Dissection 3 Deep Pectoral Region and Axilla
I Deep Pectoral Region
II Axilla
Dissection 4 Scapular and Deltoid Regions; Posterior Compartment of the Arm
I Surface Anatomy; Skin Incisions; Cutaneous Nerves
II Cut Scapular Attachments of Trapezius and Deltoid Muscles; the Supraspinous and Infraspinous Fossae
III Lateral Border of Scapula; Triangular and Quadrangular Spaces; Axillary Nerve and Deltoid Region
IV Anastomoses Around the Scapula
V Posterior (Extensor) Compartment of the Arm
Dissection 5 Anterior Brachial Region; Cubital Fossa; Anterior Forearm and Wrist
I Surface Anatomy; Skin Incisions; Superficial Veins and Nerves