Title: Legal Aspects of Midwifery Co: 2006 Ed:  
ISBN: 9780750688178 Author: Bridgit Dimond Publisher: Elsevier
Contents 123353
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
1. The legal system Section A Professional Issues
2. Midwifery: Professional regulation
3. Midwifery supervision
4. Professional accountability and the NMC
5. The Midwives Rules and Code of Practice, the Code of Professional Conduct and The Scope of Professional Practice
Section B Client Rights
6. Woman-centred care
7. Consent
8. The duty to inform
9. Letting die and euthanasia
10. Confidentiality and access to records
11. Complaints
12. Teenage Pregnancies
Section C Litigation and Accountability
13. Negligence
14. Specific situations in negligence and civil court procedure
15. Record keeping, statements and report writing
16. Family planning and sterilisation
17. The status and rights of the unborn
18. Criminal liability
19. Health and safety
20. Medication
Section D Management Issues
21. The structure of the NHS and the provision of hospital, community and primary care services
22. Employment law
23. The independent midwife and private maternity hospitals
24. Midwifery management
Section E Statutory Provisions and Childbirth
25. Criminal law and confinements
26. Termination of pregnancy
27. Legal issues relating to fertilisation, embryology and genetics
28. Vaccine damage payments
29. Infectious diseases and the midwife
Section F Specific Situations
30. Midwife teachers, clinical instructors, preceptors and mentors
31. Midwifery research
32. Child Protection
33. Mental disorder and mental incapacity
34. Complementary therapies
1. Schedule 1 to the Human Rights Act 1998
2. Congenital Disabilities (Civil Liability) Act 1976
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