Title: Legal Aspects of Physiotherapy Co: 2009 Ed: 2
ISBN: 9781405176156 Author: Bridgit Dimond Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Contents 153234
Foreword by Phil Gray
1 Introduction
2 The Legal System
Section A: Professional Issues
3 Registration and the Role of the Statutory Bodies
4 Professional Conduct Proceedings
5 Education and the Physiotherapist
Section B: Client-Centred Care
6 Rights of Clients
7 Consent and Information Giving
8 Confidentiality
9 Access to Records and Information
Section C: Accountability in the Civil and Criminal Courts
10 Negligence
11 Health and Safety
12 Record Keeping
13 Giving Evidence in Court
14 Handling Complaints
15 Equipment and Medicinal Products
16 Transport Issues
Section D: Management Areas
17 Employment and the Statutory Organisation of the NHS
18 Community Care
19 The Physiotherapist as a Private Practitioner
Section E: Specialist Client Groups
20 Care of Those with Physical Disabilities, Sports and Road Traffic Injuries and Neurological Disorders
21 Care of the Mentally Ill
22 Care of Those with Learning Disabilities
23 Care of Babies, Children and Young Persons
24 Care of the Older Person
25 Death and the Dying
Section F: Specialist Topics
26 Teaching and Research
27 Complementary Medicine
28 The Future
Appendix 1: Schedule 1 to Human Rights Act 1998
Appendix 2: Draft NHS Constitution
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Further Reading.
Useful Websites.