Title: Legal Aspects of Occupational Therapy Co: 2010 Ed: 3
ISBN: 9781405196543 Author: Bridgit C. Dimond Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Contents 171631
Ch. 1 Occupational therapy
Ch. 2 The legal system
Ch. 3 Registration and the health professions council
Ch. 4 Professional conduct proceedings
Ch. 5 Education and training
Ch. 6 Rights of clients
Ch. 7 Consent and information giving
Ch. 8 The duty of confidentiality and data protection
Ch. 9 Access to records and information
Ch. 10 Negligence
Ch. 11 Health and safety
Ch. 12 Record keeping
Ch. 13 Statements, reports and giving evidence in court
Ch. 14 Handling complaints
Ch. 15 Equipment issues
Ch. 16 Transport issues
Ch. 17 Statutory organisation of health and social services
Ch. 18 Community care and the rights of the disabled
Ch. 19 Employment law
Ch. 20 Physical disabilities
Ch. 21 Mental illness
Ch. 22 Learning disabilities
Ch. 23 Children
Ch. 24 Older people
Ch. 25 Teaching and research
Ch. 26 Complementary medicine
Ch. 27 Independent practice
Ch. 28 The future
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