Title: Land Law (Fourth Edition Singapore) Co: 2010 Ed: 4
ISBN: 9789812368553 Author: W J M Ricquier Publisher: LexisNexis
Contents 184758
Chapter One: Introduction and Historical Background
        Chapter Two: Land and the State
        Chapter Three: Basic Land Law Concepts
        Chapter Four: Contracts for the Sale of Lan
        Chapter Five: Trusts and Succession
        Chapter Six: Assignments of Choses in Action
        Chapter Seven: The Torrens System
        Chapter Eight: Strata Title
        Chapter Nine: Leases
        Chapter Ten: Licences
        Chapter Eleven: Easements
        Chapter Twelve: Covenants Affecting Freehold Land
        Chapter Thirteen: Mortgages
        Chapter Fourteen: The Planning Act
        Appendix Registration of Deeds