Title: Children and Cross-Examination: Time to Chane the Rules? Co: 2012 Ed: 1
ISBN: 9781849463072 Author: John R. Spencer, Michael E. Lamb Publisher: Hart Publishing
Contents 191228
1. Introduction JR Spencer
2. ''Kicking and Screaming''the Slow Road to Best Evidence Joyce Plotnikoff and Richard Woolfson
3. Alternative Routes: Accusatorial Jurisdictions on the Slow Road to Best Evidence Emily Henderson
4. Children''s Evidence in Legal Proceedingsthe Position in Western Australia Hal Jackson
5. Cross-Examining the Child Complainant: Rights, Innovations and Unfounded Fears in the Australian Context Annie Cossins
6. An Idea Whose Time has Come: The Reform of Criminal Procedure for Child Witnesses in New Zealand Emily Henderson
7. Child Witnesses in Austria Verena Murschetz
8. The Position in Norway Trond Myklebust
9. Conclusions JR Spencer
10. The Pigot Report 1989 (reprinted)