Title: Human Virology: A Text for Students of Medicine, Denistry, and Microbiology Co: 1993 Ed: 1
ISBN: 9780192616623 Author: Leslie Collier, John S. Oxford Publisher: Oxford University Press
Contents 109223
1. General Properties And Classification Of Viruses
2. Viral Replication And Genetics
3. Propagation Of Viruses In The Laboratory
4. How Viruses Cause Disease
5. Resistance To Infection
6. Viruses And Cancer
7. Viruses And The Community
8. Upper Respiratory Tract And Eye Infections Due To Adenoviruses, Coronaviruses, And Rhinoviruses
9. Childhood Infections Caused By Paramyxoviruses
10. Orthomyxoviruses: Influenza
11. Gastroenteritis Viruses
12. Parvoviruses
13. Poxviruses
14. Poliomyelitis And Other Enterovirus Infections
15. Herpesviruses
16. Lyssavirus And Rabies
17. Arthropod-Borne Viruses
18. Rubella : Postnatal Infections
19. Some Exotic And Dangerous Infections: Filoviruses And Arenaviruses
20. Hepatitis Viruses
21. Papovaviruses
22. Retroviruses And AIDS
23. Unconventional Agents: Viroids, Virinos, And Prions
24. Viral Diseases Of The Central Nervous System
25. Intrauterine And Perinatal Infections
26. Viral Infections In Patients With Defective Immunity
27. The Laboratory Diagnosis Of Viral Infections
28. Control Of Viral Diseases By Immunization
29. Antiviral Chemotherapy
App. A Safety Precautions: Codes Of Practice, Disinfection, And Sterilization
App. B Viral Infections Notifiable In The UK
App. C Suggestions For Further Reading