Title: Alcamo's Fundamentals of Microbiology Co: 2004 Ed: 7
ISBN: 9789715844666 Author: Jeffey C. Pommerville Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Contents 137628
Part 1. Foundations of Microbiology
Chapter 1 Microbiology: Then and now
Chapter 2 Chemical Building Blocks of Life
Chapter 3 Basic Concepts of Microbiology
Part 2. The Bacteria
Chapter 4 Bacterial Structure
Chapter 5 Bacterial Metabolism
Chapter 6 Bacterial Genetics
Chapter 7 Genetic Engineering and Bacterial Genomics
Part 3. Bacterial Diseases of Human
Chapter 8 Airborne Bacterial Diseases
Chapter 9 Foodborne and Waterborne Bacterial Diseases
Chapter 10 Soilborne and Arthropodborne Diseases
Chapter 11 Sexually Transmitted, Contact and Miscellaneous Bacterial Diseases
Part 4. Other Microorganisms
Chapter 12 The Viruse and Virus-like Agents
Chapter 13 Pneumotropic and Dermotropic Viral Diseases
Chapter 14 Viscerotropic and Neurotropic Viral Diseases
Chapter 15 The Fungi
Chapter 16 The Protozoa
Chapter 17 The Multicellular Parasites
Part 5. Diseases and Resistance
Chapter 18 Infection and Disease
Chapter 19 Resistance and the Immune System
Chapter 20 Immunity and Serology
Chapter 21 Immune Disorders
Part 6. Control of Microorganisms
Chapter 22 Physical Control of Microorganism
Chapter 23 Chemical Control of Microorganism
Chapter 24 Chemotherapeutic Agents and Antibiotics
Part 7. Microbiology and Public Health
Chapter 25 Microbiology of Foods
Chapter 26 Environmental Microbiology
Chapter 27 Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
Photo Acknowledgements