Title: Alcamo's Fundamentals of Microbiology Co: 2007 Ed: 8
ISBN: 9780763737627 Author: Pommerville, Jeffrey C. Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Contents 150143
Foundations of microbiology
Microbiology : then and now
The chemical building blocks of life
Concepts and tools for studying microorganisms
The bacteria and archaea
Prokaryotic cell structure and function
Prokaryotic growth and nutrition
Metabolism of prokaryotic cells
Prokaryotic genetics
Gene transfer, genetic engineering, and genomics
Bacterial diseases of humans
Airborne bacterial diseases
Foodborne and waterborne bacterial diseases
Soilborne and arthropodborne bacterial diseases
Sexually transmitted, contact, and miscellaneous bacterial diseases
Viruses and eukaryotic microorganisms
The viruses and virus-like agents
Viral infections of the respiratory tract and skin
Viral infections of the blood, lymphatic, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems
Eukaryotic microorganisms : the fungi
Eukaryotic microorganisms : the parasites
Disease and resistance
Infection and disease
Resistance and the immune system : innate immunity
Resistance and the immune system : acquired immunity
Immunity and serology
Immune disorders
Control of microorganisms
Physical and chemical control of microorganisms
Antimicrobial drugs
Microbiology and public health
Microbiology of foods
Environmental microbiology
Industrial microbiology and biotechnology