Title: Alcamo's Laboratory Fundamentals of Microbiology Co: 2007 Ed: 8
ISBN: 9789715847599 Author: Jeffrey C. Pommerville Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Contents 158531
Part I BasicLaboratory Techniques and Skills
Exercise 1 Culture Transfer Techniques
Exercise 2 Pure Culture Techniques
Part II  Microscopy and Bacterial Staining Techniques
Exercise 3 The Compound Microscope       
Exercise 4 Preparation of a Bacterial Smear and the Simple Stain Technique
Exercise 5 The Negative Stain Technique
Exercise 6 The Gram Stain Technique
Exercise 7 Bacterial Structures
Part III Viruses and Eukaryotic Microorganisms
Exercise 8 Viruses
Exercise 9 Fungi, Protozoa, and Multicellular Parasites
Part IV The Spread and Control of Microorganisms
Exercise 10 A Simulated Epidemic
Exercise 11 The Effect of Physical Agents on Bacteria
Exercise 12 The Effect of Chemical Agents on Bacteria
Exercise 13 Evaluation of Disinfectants and Antiseptics
Exercise 14 The Effect of Antibiotics on Bacteria
Exercise 15 Microbial Growth: Analysis of a Bacterial Growth Curve
Part V Medical Microbiology
Exercise 16 The Genus Mycobacterium                 
Exercise 17 The Genus Streptococcus
Exercise 18 The Genus Neisseria
Exercise 19 The Genus Staphylococcus                   
Exercise 20 The Enteric Bacteria
Exercise 21 The Genus Bacillus
Exercise 22 The Genus Clostridium
Exercise 23 The Genus Lactobacillus
Part VI Identification of a Bacterial
Exercise 24 Bacterial Structural Characteristics
Exercise 25 Bacterial Culture Characteristics
Exercise 26 Biochemical Characteristics of Bacteria
Part VII Bacterial Genetics and Serology
Exercise 27 Bacterial Genetics: Mutations and the Ames Test
Exercise 28 Bacterial Conjugation
Exercise 29 Bacterial Transformation
Exercise 30 Serology: Agglutination Techniques and Blood Cell Identification
Part VIII Public Health and Environmental Microbiology
Exercise 31 Microbiology of Foods
Exercise 32 Microbiology of Milk and Dairy Products
Exercise 33 Microbiology of Water
Exercise 34 Microbiology of Soil
Appendix A      Preparation of Stains and Diagnostic Reagents
Appendix B      Using EnterotubeŽ II