Title: Alcamo's Microbes and Society Co: 2012 Ed: 3
ISBN: 9780763798109 Author: Weeks Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Contents 177463
Part  I  The Microbial World
  Chapter  1  The Microbial World: Surprising and Stunning
  Chapter  2  Microbes in Perspective: Of Collectors and Classifiers
  Chapter  3  Molecules of the Cell: The Building Blocks of Life
  Chapter  4  The DNA Story: Germs, Genes, and Genomics
  Chapter  5  Bacteria: The First Microbes
  Chapter  6  Viruses: At the Threshold of Life
  Chapter  7  Protists: A Microbial Grab Bag
  Chapter  8  Fungi: Yeasts and Warm Fuzzies
  Chapter  9  Growth and Metabolism: Running the Microbial Machine
  Chapter  10  Microbial Genetics: New Genes for Germs
  Chapter  11  Controlling Microbes: Not Too Hot to Handle
Part  II  Microbes and Human Affairs
  Chapter  12  Microbes and Food: A Menu of Microbial Delights
  Chapter  13  Food Preservation and Safety: The Competition
  Chapter  14  Biotechnology and Industry: Microbes at Work
  Chapter  15  Microbes and Agriculture: No Microbes, No Hamburgers
  Chapter  16  Microbes and the Environment: No Microbes, No Life
  Chapter  17  Disease and Resistance: The Wars Within
  Chapter  18  Viral Diseases of Humans: AIDS to Zoster
  Chapter  19  Bacterial Diseases of Humans: Slate Wipers and Current Concerns