Title: Clinical Bacteriology Co: 2011 Ed:  
ISBN: 9781840760279 Author: Struthers & Westran Publisher: Manson Publishing
Contents 179711
1     Normal Ranges and Conversion of Units
2     UK and US Drug Names
3     Structure and Function of Bacteria
4     How Bacteria Cause Disease
5     Characterization of Bacteria from Clinical Specimens
6     Use of Antibiotics
7     Infections of the Blood: Bacteraemia and Endocarditis
8     Infections of the Alimentary Canal
9     Infections of the Respiratory Tract
10   Tuberculosis
11   Infections of the Central Nervous System
12   Infections of the Eye
13   Infections of the Urinary Tract
14   Infections of the Genital Systems
15   Infections of the Skin, Soft Tissues, Joints, and Bone
        Infections in a Modern Society
        Control of Infection in the Hospital and the Community