Title: Lecture Notes in Integrative Physiology Co: 2005 Ed: 2
ISBN: 9789715844055BP Author: Teresita Joy P. Evangelista, Maria Salome N.
Vios, Xenia T.
Publisher: C & E Publishing, Inc.
Contents 137520
Chapter 1. The Autacoidal Response to Stress
Chapter 2. The Rhythm of Life
Chapter 3. Puberty
Chapter 4. Aging
Chapter 5. Temperature Regulation
Chapter 6. Diabetes, Inflammation and Microvascular Function
Chapter 7. Basic Nutrition
Chapter 8. Appetite Regulation
Chapter 9. Exercise Physiology
Chapter 10. Work Physiology
Chapter 11. Diving Physiology
Chapter 12. Pathophysiology of Shock
Chapter 13. Microcirculation
Chapter 14. Memory and Learning