Title: Biological Mechanisms of Tooth Movement Co: 2009 Ed: 1
ISBN: 9781405176903 Author: Vinod Krishnan (Editor), Ze'ev Davidovitch
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Contents 153240
1. The Adaptation and Development of Biological Concepts in Orthodontics
2. Biology of Orthodontic Tooth Movement: An Overview
3. The Mechanobiology of the Periodontal Tissues
4. Genetic Influences on Orthodontic Tooth Movement
5. The Role of Inflammation in Defining the Type and Pattern of Tissue Response in Orthodontic Tooth Movement
6. Biological Aspects of Bone Growth and Metabolism in Orthodontics
7. Markers of Paradental Tissue Remodeling in the Gingival Crevicular Fluid of Orthodontic Patients
8. Effects of Systemic Diseases on Orthodontic Tooth Movement
9. The Effect of Drugs and Diet on Orthodontic Tooth Movement
10. Biologically and Clinically, What Are Optimal Orthodontic Forces and How Are They Applied in Selective Common
11. The Biological Background of Relapse of Orthodontic Tooth Movement
12. Mechanical and Biological Determinants of Iatrogenic Injuries in Orthodontics